Security Tips for Your Salisbury Home

Many people have experienced break-ins before due to many reasons. If you worry that this could also happen to you in the future, there are several security tips for your Salisbury home and these include:

Never Give Cover

Deter the thieves from targeting your home through ensuring a clear line of sight from the streets. Cut back the bushes and trees that obscure your front door. Install movement sensor lights and if there are broken street lights, report it right away. Police also suggest making sure that your house number is visible from immediate response if you need help.

All Locked Up

Experts suggest a lot of opportunistic thieves take advantage of the unlocked homes. Although you’re going out for a short time, locking up your windows and house is important. The Locksmith Salisbury can offer you advice on the right locks for your windows and doors and key every window to a single key. In addition to that, ask for electricity suppliers regarding locks for your power supply to get rid of tampering and keeping your car locked.

Upgrade the Defences

Many victims of burglary cited a window or door had been tampered or damaged within attempted break-ins. That is the reason why it pays to invest in upgrading your defences. Having a solid core door with deadlocks is a good option as it’s harder to force, shutters, and grilles prevent the burglars from breaking in through the windows and a lockable security screen or a peephole can keep the burglars out.

Monitor the Targets

Garden sheds and garages are frequently the targets for burglars who can user your ladders or tools to access your main house. Automatic lights fitted to shed or garage may be a helpful deterrent with keyed locks.

Guard All Your Keys

The majority of individuals don’t know how to hide their keys. You have to remember that the keys can be copied easily and may give burglars with no-fuss, fast access to your personal belongings.

Security Does Not Take a Holiday

Ask your friends to collect your mail as well as to stop junk mail from building up in your letterbox while you are away from home. Neighbours parking in your driveway may also help signal the house isn’t unoccupied. Some measures could include internal lights or radios set on timers and organising for somebody to mow your lawn.

Never Advertise Valuables

Break up packaging for a costly new gear before tucking this into the trash or recycling. In addition to that, take a sneak peek of your house from the outside. With the majority of thieves searching for cash, even an iPod or wallet left on the hall table can make any home a target. When it comes to valuables, professionals recommend making an inventory of each of your belongings to know which of these were taken or damaged after a break-in.

It is never too late to secure your home in Salisbury. If you need new locks or keys, always call a locksmith Salisbury to do the job.